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Wayne Grudem's - The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable SolutionThis 2013 book was co-authored by Dr. Wayne Grudem and by his good friend Barry Asmus, a professional economist. (Barry and Wayne have also served together as elders at Scottsdale Bible Church.)


In writing The Poverty of Nations, they found that their different academic backgrounds (Barry in economics, Wayne in Christian theology and biblical studies) led them to agree on the only way to solve world poverty.

There solution is a complex one, ultimately involving seventy-eight factors. This is because they are convinced that the causes of continuing poverty are also complex. These seventy-eight factors fall in three categories that affect an entire nation: national laws, economic policies, and cultural values.

This book is unique because (a) it approaches world poverty from the combined perspective of Christian theology and economics, and (b) it approaches the question of poverty not at the level of the individual person or community (where much good work is already being done), but at the level of the whole nation. The Poverty of Nations Map
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Dennis Prager Interview with Dr. Wayne Grudem on his book.

The Heritage Foundation - Thursday, Nov 07, 2013